Harris Poll School Pulse℠ & SurveyMonkey

We’re joining forces to help school districts improve education

Harris Poll School Pulse and SurveyMonkey are working together to provide affordable insights to school administrators.

This collaboration combines SurveyMonkey’s innovative platform with Harris Interactive’s 20 years of experience helping school districts improve the quality of education. We’re making it possible for districts to access reliable education data, including national benchmarks, at a fraction of the cost of traditional market research.

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School Pulse is focused on the satisfaction of various stakeholders within each school district. It offers a comprehensive, integrated satisfaction management tool for school leadership that streamlines stakeholder input (from students, teachers, administrators and parents), prioritizes concern areas, and recommends continuous improvement measures. By offering solutions tailored to each community, it has successfully helped hundreds of school districts of various sizes across the country.

How it works

Within each district, School Pulse surveys stakeholders to define what “education quality” really means to different stakeholders. By understanding what values influence quality, Harris Poll School Pulse is able to identify improvements that will have greatest impact on overall satisfaction.

It’s one of the most efficient ways to make improvements because:

  • School Pulse utilizes a standardized research platform, and school district investment is substantially less compared to other custom research.
  • School districts can leverage benchmark data to compare their school district performance relative to other school districts.
  • School Pulse provides school districts of all sizes with the critical insight needed to motivate students to achieve while improving employee productivity and effectiveness, and garnering the support and engagement of parents.
  • SurveyMonkey makes School Pulse even more efficient by making it easy to send out surveys, collect, and tabulate results online.

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