Improve customer loyalty and retention

You might think that your consumers love you so much that they’ll never choose another company.

But our data suggest that, on average, nearly half of consumers could go with another brand. Sure, they like you and what you’re doing. But they’re susceptible to an offer from someone else. If that offer comes and it’s good, they’ll leave you in a flash.

Without a strong customer loyalty program and high brand loyalty marks, you’ll be forced to find new customers to replace those that have left you. And without customer loyalty surveys, you might never know why they left you in the first place.

Data about what consumers really like (and what they wish you were doing differently) infuses your products, services, and advertising with knowledge.

Use that information to:

Test ideas to build better customer loyalty programs. Should you offer discounts? How big? How often? Or should you focus on freebies and hidden perks? Will customer loyalty cards make people stick to you like glue? Use surveys to find out what consumers really want, and take the guesswork out of developing a loyalty program for your customers.

Ensure a successful new product launch. A strong feeling of brand loyalty could make consumers hop right on new products you launch. When they trust you, they’re more willing to give your new ideas a spin. Use surveys to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns you try.

Find your customers and chat them up. Use social media surveys to determine what social media sites ensnare your BFF customers. Use those sites to launch new products, discuss your customer loyalty programs, or just share some love. Don’t waste time on sites no one likes. Pick the right ones with surveys.

Fix the right problems before people walk away. Is your customer service department at the root of loyalty problems? Or is there something wrong with the products you provide? Or, is your competition just really, really good? Know where your hot spots are and fix them with surveys, so you’ll get better every year.

See the world through the eyes of your customers with these example survey ideas. We have all sorts of tools you can use to:

Conduct market research. Verify that you have the right target audience selected before you launch a new product. Ask for first reactions to a product idea, determine how often people use a product like this, and see what motivates consumers to buy. Is price the most important thing? Is quality? Find out with an online sample questionnaire.

Pull together a social media editorial plan. Are your posts falling flat? Perhaps you’re not sharing the right information in the right way. Use a survey to come up with a content strategy that provides articles and blog posts that speak to your audience. Should you be friendly or serious? Should you talk every day or just a couple of times per week? What should you talk about? Get answers with an online content survey, for example.

Identify your top competitors. If you were no longer in business, how sad would your customers be? And where would they go for the products and services you once provided? Send out a brand awareness survey (and even include open-ended questions) to let consumers talk freely. Their answers help you spot your top competitors, and the issues that prompt consumers to leave you.

There are lots of ways to uncover customer loyalty metrics with online customer questionnaires. Use brand research surveys to learn what customers and consumers think of you—or if they’re even thinking of you in the first place. And send around customer loyalty online polls to see if customers are recommending your brand to others. Check out all of the customer loyalty survey templates we have available:

Net Promoter® Score (NPS) survey template

Find out how many people love your company enough to brag about it.

Preview template

Customer service survey template

See how your front-line customer service and support agents are doing.

Preview template

Customer satisfaction survey template

Know what you need to do to keep existing customers happy.

Preview template




Net Promoter® Scoreの先をいく: コンテキストが重要な理由

世界各国のNet Promoter® Scoreに現れる文化的な違いと、アンケートにコンテキストを加えてNPSデータを深く理解する方法について。