Customer experience strategy starts here

“We love our clients.”

It’s a phrase you might pop into advertisements, About Us pages, and contracts in order to demonstrate your commitment to a total customer experience.

But are those words just fluff?

Demonstrate your true, abiding, and honest love for your clients by collecting—and using—your customer feedback the right way. You can do this by diving deep into the client experience, and know what they encounter when they work with you. Then, use that feedback to make the client experience just a little bit better. Now that’s true love!

It can take dozens and dozens of interactions to push through just one sale. A potential consumer might visit your websitecall customer service with a question, visit the store, talk with a sales rep, walk out with a coupon, hop online to look for reviews, come back to the store, and then spend money. Each individual customer touchpoint offers your company an opportunity to shine or sink.

Online polls highlight the points of failure along that customer’s journey. Use the online survey results to:

Define a great customer experience. There are so many departments at work in a typical sales funnel, and each department likely has its own definition of success. Make meetings about data, not theory, with the results of questionnaires. Let customers tell you what they like and what they dislike, and develop example customer experience strategy plans around those comments.

Develop effective marketing campaigns. To perform in-depth customer surveys, you’ll develop an understanding of each step of a client’s journey. With customer experience mapping, you’ll walk a mile in your customer’s shoes, seeing things as they see them and wanting what they want. That data helps you solve problems, but it could form the cornerstone of an effective marketing campaign. You’ll know them, so you’ll speak to them like peers.

Convert naysayers into promoters. Your Net Promoter® Score identifies the number of customers willing to work as brand advocates. Ask one powerful question that companies around the world use to measure customer loyalty—and even add a few open-ended follow-up queries—to get a deep understanding of how loyal customers really are. Tweak your approach after the survey, and you could boost the number of people willing to do marketing for you, for free.

Create a culture of loyalty. Understand what your customers really love about the products and services you provide, and find out what hacks them off about the work you’re doing right now. Those results work like a to-do list for your entire organization. Know just what to keep, what to scrap, and what to improve to make sure your customers don’t wander away to spend money elsewhere.

We have plenty of options that can help you to shower your customers with love. Use our tools to:

Understand the online user experience. Is your website helping or harming your brand? How do customers feel about your company and your products after they’ve taken a spin online? Take the results of a website feedback sample survey to your dev team, and solve hidden problems that might be harming your brand.

Boost the customer service experience. The people in your customer service department interact with customers at all sorts of key touchpoints, including ordering, billing, returns, and complaints. They might see clients who are happy followed by clients who are furious, and the service they provide can make those clients flip from one extreme to the other.

Use customer satisfaction surveys to ask about interactions, and repeat surveys to track subsequent conversations through benchmarking your survey results. Did the ordering process go well? Did the return process go equally well? Find out with sample customer experience surveys, and boost scores with training based on the results.

Automate the feedback process. You can use individual surveys to reach out to customers as they interact with your company. But you can also lighten your workload with our customer experience management software. Collect real-time website feedback via modal surveys, and set up auto-responses triggered by customer feedback. Make surveys routine with programming, and keep all responses in one place for easy analysis. Use industry benchmarks we provide to compare your progress to the progress of your competitors.

Use surveys, from website feedback to customer support feedback, to take the pulse of customers at key customer touchpoints. Take a look at the results across your customer journey to get a holistic view of the client experience your company offers. Our survey scientists have vetted our customer feedback questionnaires designed to get you important information about the customer experience.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Template

Assess the professionalism, convenience, and quality you offer your clients.

Net Promoter® Score (NPS) Survey Template

Are your customers so thrilled with your company that they’d recommend it to someone else, like a friend or a family member?

Customer Service Feedback Survey Template

Evaluate how well your customer service representatives listen, understand, and handle customer questions and issues.

Website Feedback Survey Template

Determine the wants, needs, and hidden desires of your online visitors, and see if they’d recommend your website to others.








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