Power the curious. (that’s you)

Guess what? You’ve got a hidden superpower: your curiosity.

It’s true! There’s never been a big idea that didn’t start with a glimmer of curiosity, and even the biggest innovators got some help fostering it along the way. That’s why we want to give you a place to ask questions and flex your curiosity: so you can bring your biggest ideas to life.

We’re looking out for people who are brave enough to admit they don’t have all the answers (but have a ton of questions); the ones who never lost the spirit of asking “why?” to just about everything; and anyone who’s ever turned a “what if” into something real.

People Powered Data. (people’s opinions = your data)

We get it. You are swimming in a sea of data. The last thing you want is another statistic about what’s going on. That’s exactly where People Powered Data comes in. Not only does it tell you what is happening, but why it’s happening. When you start to understand why, you can move into action and gain a competitive edge.

People Powered Data adds vital context to what you thought you already knew—whether it validates your point of view or makes you do a double-take. Your data isn’t complete without People Powered Data. It’s the missing piece to your puzzle.

Conversations at scale. (a massive scale)

What’s the best way to stay in touch with the people who matter the most? Talk to them!

Every day, 20 million questions are answered in our platform, whether it’s to get 10 employees’ opinions about a company barbecue or 10,000 consumers’ feedback about the next big product. That’s because we’ve built a platform that’s simple for a survey novice to use, but powerful enough for a pro. And we’re not stopping there. We’ve built a suite of products specifically designed to help you collect and understand data from your customers, your employees, or your target market.

SurveyMonkey’s 700+ employees throughout North America, Europe and Asia Pacific are dedicated to powering the curious.