Membership Management

Join It is a membership management service that helps businesses and nonprofits effectively sell, track, and grow their membership.

開発元:Join It

Join It is the easiest way to manage your organization's members.

At Join It, we believe that Organizations should always have access to 'best in class' software solutions that are dedicated to solving their problems. 

That's why we built this integration for SurveyMonkey so that Organizations can always keep a pulse on their Members with automated surveys.

With this integration, you can configure the integration to automatically send surveys to your members. There are currently two triggers available for sending surveys: 

  1. Send a SurveyMonkey survey when a member joins your organization
  2. Send a SurveyMonkey survey when a member expires from your organization

If you have any questions, we would love to help:


To take advantage of Join It's SurveyMonkey integration, you need to subscribe to the Pro plan at $29.00/month. Nonprofit and annual payment discounts are available.
  • 自分のアンケートや共有アンケートのコレクターを表示する
  • Create or edit contacts in your account
  • 連絡先や連絡先リストを表示する
  • 自分のアンケートや共有アンケートを表示する
  • Create or edit collectors for surveys in your account
  • 自分のユーザー情報を表示する


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