- Questionnaire to measure your hypnosis susceptibility -
- 催眠感受性を測るアンケート-
Thank you for experiencing Spell of Freedom Hypno-Experiment by Koizumi Meiro. In this questionnaire, the 5 hypnotic suggestions that you experienced during the session are listed. Please try to evaluate as objectively as possible whether you responded to each of the 5 hypnotic suggestions. You may feel that it is difficult to self-evaluate, or that the answer can only be speculated, but try your best to give the evaluation that you feel is most correct at this moment. If you have experienced the session multiple times, please give respective evaluations for each session. The results of the questionnaire will be updated regularly during the exhibition on the artist's website.


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*Q.1 This was my first experience of hypnosis.

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Q.2(Only those who answered "No" in Q.1)

I have experienced Spell of Freedom Hypno-Experiment multiple times.

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*Q.3 When you were told that “you cannot open your eyes anymore”;


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Q.4 When you were told that “the person in the mirror will look like someone else”;


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Q.5 When you were told that “the words are spoken by a stranger in the mirror”;


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Q.6 When you were told that “you can no longer speak”;


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Q.7 When you were told that “your whole body is feeling a very comfortable feeling of liberation”


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Q.8 Comments
自由記述欄 :

Please describe as precisely as possible any strangeness or sensory changes you felt during the session. Please note that we may post some of the feedback we receive on our website, or on some other media.

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Results of the questionnaire 集計結果