To enter this raffle, fill out these questions and submit by March 12th 2021.

Raffle Prizes: Many chances to win!! First prize - $150 amazon card raffle.  Raffle tickets will also be drawn for: Hoodies!! Shirts!!  Hats!! Backpacks!!  Coffee Tumblers!
  • You must be 16 or older to fill this out.
  • One entry per household.
  • You are eligible to enter yourself or someone else for a prize. Please enter the name of the person and a contact number for the drawing. Once the drawing is over, we will erase both the name and the phone number from our files. 

Who: Backhaul Alaska is an organization that is trying to help all rural Alaska communities haul out toxic wastes. 
What: They need our community guidance to develop the best way to do this.  
Why:  We need to know from each family about what works or doesn’t work about our community waste practices to make Backhaul Alaska work for our community. 
How long does this take: 15-20 mins. 
Who fills this out:  One entry per household and anyone over 16 or older can fill it out.
Contact Information: Contact Charla Kewan with Zender Environmental at (907)306-5700 or with any questions.

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