Follow Up Survey

Thank you for joining the Soul of WoMen Global Campaign. This is a survey to follow up on the Grand Celebration on May 15, 2016.  Your input will help us make a summary of the Campaign and to collect ideas for our future collaboration.

* 1. How did you join our global campaign?

* 2. If you hosted an event, what kind of program did you create?

* 3. What was your experience level?  (5 = highest, 1 = lowest)

Feeling the oneness/connection
Commitment to continue

* 4. What was the highlight of this event for you?

* 5. Which qualities do you think are the highest expression of the "divine feminine"?

* 7. How can we collaborate in the future to activate the divine feminine for a more balanced world?

* 8. Which Soul of WoMen programs are you interested in?