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For your better experience at Pharmacy

In this questionnaire survey, we would like to find out the experiences of foreigners working in Japan and their family members who visited clinics and purchased medicines at healthcare insurance pharmacies upon prescription and how they use the medicines. It takes about 8 minutes to fill out a questionnaire.

*Health insurance pharmacies are pharmacies that issue medicines based on prescriptions written by doctors. It does not mean a pharmacy where you can buy medicines that do not require a prescription.

In this questionnaire, 400 foreigners living in Japan will be asked to participate. When you need medical treatment with medicines, we would like to clarify whether we are providing you the information you need to take the medicines appropriately, and if not, why. Please fill out the questionnaire to help us create a society in which foreigners can use pharmacies more easily and live healthy and safely like Japanese people do.
Conditions for participating in this survey
1. Those who live in Japan and have their own Japanese health insurance card
2. Age 20 and over
3. Have experiences to visit hospital or clinic in Japan and have experiences to purchase medicines based on a doctor's prescription at a health insurance pharmacy
4. Those whose mother tongue is either Chinese, Vietnamese or Filipino

As a thank you for your cooperation in this survey, we will give you a "My Medication Record Book Multilingual Version" by free of charge. A medication record book is a notebook in which you keep a record of when, where, and what kind of medication you were prescribed. When you visit multiple medical institutions, or when you move your location, physicians and pharmacists can find out about your medications just by showing your medication record book. Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino and English versions are available.
If you would like to receive a medication record book, please provide your mailing address at the end of the questionnaire.

  • Personal information are strictly stored in the Google Drive with separately from other data and not to use for data analysis.
  • No one else can know your personal information other than researchers.
  • Information is used only once when we send your medication record book.
  • The personal information is erased in a way that no one else can replicate after shipment has been done.
  • The content of the answers to the questionnaire will be stored in the cloud during the research period and only researchers can review the data.
  • The data will be analyzed together with other people's answers. As we can not specify your answers, we are not able to exclude your data from analysis once you submit data.

Contact Information
Yumi Inadome(
School of Health Innovation, Kanagawa University of Human Services
Tonomachi 3-25-10 Research Gate Building TONOMACHI 2-A

If you have read the above explanations and would like to cooperate with us, please fill out the questionnaire

Question Title

* 1. Do you regularly visit pharmacies to buy the prescribed medicines?

Question Title

* 2. How many times have you visited pharmacies to buy the prescribed medicines?

Question Title

* 3. Do you usually visit same pharmacy to purchase prescribed medicine?

Question Title

* 4. Which language did you use mainly to communicate with pharmacists when you visited a pharmacy for prescribed medicines most recently?

Question Title

* 5. Did pharmacists use translation tool to communicate with you?

Question Title

* 6. What did the pharmacists explain about the medicines? Please select all that apply.

Question Title

* 7. How well you received the pharmacist's explanation?

Question Title

* 8. Did you have a chance to ask questions to pharmacists?

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