Thanks for your attention on our investigation.
This questionnaire is one of our study to investigate your idea for the psychology and the clinical psychology.
Please cooperate with our investigation after reading the following explanation carefully.

The participation of  this investigation is not to be done compulsory. It just depends on your free will.
Even though you will not participate in this investigation or you quit it on the way, no disadvantage will happen.
If the results of this investigation is required, please access our contact address and request it.
The answer will be coded and served in the computer server and will be deleted after finishing our study.
The answer will be processed statistically and the specified personal answer will not troubled and not be opened in public.
Furthermore the answer shall be used only for our study.

 2. Answering period
27th July, 2016 ~ 31st August, 2016

3. Answering method
We would like to ask you about your idea for the psychology and the clinical psychology.
Answering time will be approximately 10 minutes. There is no right answer and no wrong answer.
Please answer your honest idea and please do not consult with anyone.

■Contact address of the investigation in charge
Japan Lutheran College, Graduate School of Integrated Human Studies, Graduate School of Clinical Psychology
Yurie Oda (Ms.)
■Professors in charge
Professor, Japan Lutheran College
Dr. Junichi Tanii
Professor, Kansai University
Dr. Hideya Kitamura

* Please read the above-mentioned contents and if you agree to cooperate with our investigation, please select “AGREE” and proceed to the next step.
If you select “DISAGREE”, the investigation is just finished.