About MIRAI Program

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan promotes people-to-people exchanges between Japan and the various nations of the Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean regions.
*Japan's Friendship Ties Programs

One of the exchange programs is “MIRAI Program” which is a short-term youth exchange program to invite undergraduate /graduate students from Europe, Central Asia and the Caucasus who study Politics, Security Policies, Economics, International Relations, Asian Studies, Japan Studies or other related fields through JICE.  The program is entitled as the “MIRAI Program” with the Japanese word “未来”  (pronounce like / ”me-rye”) which means “Future”. MOFA hopes that the program would offer a great opportunity to (i) promote mutual-understandings, (ii) enhance intellectual discussions and (iii) build strong networks among future leaders of Japan and the world. Thereby the program would foster the solid foundation of the relationship between Japan and countries in the regions in the future.
*Europe Regions MIRAI Program

Program Overview

MIRA Program  <Group for Central Asia and Caucasus>
Program date: Jan.16, 2019-Jan.23, 2019

Total number of the participants: 40 adults

Program contents in Japan:
- Attend lectures on Japanese politics, economy, society, history, and diplomatic policy to gain a deeper understanding of Japan.
- Visit cutting-edge technology and traditional industries, fine arts and traditional crafts exhibitions, cultural heritage sites, and local government offices.
- Share information about Japan through reporting sessions and social media during/after the program

MIRAI Program 2017
MIRAI Program 2016

How to register

1. Go to next page and please read documents below.
     - Mandatory Assignments for All Participants
     - Letter of Understanding
     -Handling of Personal Information

2. Please fill out personal information for entry and upload photocopy of your passport.

Applicants must apply from this entry form by November 29,  2018.

Ms. Sachie Ishibashi

Ms. Kazuko Yoshine

Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE)
Youth Exchange Div.,  International Exchange Dept. 
+81-3-6838-2730 (English only)
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