Inviting Japanese students to your course

 First of all, thank you for your cooperation towards the NU-EMI Project.
The project is now getting a lot of attention, and participating is a good way to demonstrate the contribution of the G30 International Program to the education of regular Japanese students in addition to producing great G30 students.
We also believe it is a nice opportunity for you to gain or increase your experience in the teaching of Japanese students, which could become useful in the future now that many universities in the country are becoming serious about EMI.
 The purpose of this survey is to ask you your interest for being involved with the NU-EMI project by inviting Japanese students to your 2020 Fall G30 Undergraduate School & Graduate School courses.
We are now officially accepting graduate students and high school students from our affiliated high school on an experimental basis.

 The results of this survey will be on the NU-EMI home page as information for the Japanese students to select G30 courses. 
 The survey has 3 to at most 74 questions (if you have 3 courses).
The number of questions will change according to the number of courses you will accept Japanese students.
You can enter at most 3 courses.   (If you want to enter more please let us know.)
Required time would be  around 2 to 30 minutes.

Question Title

* 1. Your name, affiliation and email

Question Title

* 2. Are you interested in inviting Japanese students to your 2020 Fall G30 Undergraduate and/or  Graduate School Courses ?