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Kakehashi Africa would like to thank you for attending our TICAD7 event. We really appreciate the time and effort you committed to being with us. If you have any feedback for us or if you are interested in becoming involved in our network and platform, please fill in this form. We hope we can count on your support further!

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* 1. I agree to the treatment of protection of personal data mentioned below:
Attention to each attendee of the Side Event “African Business Platform” by JICE and KA in TICAD7

Secretary General
Personal Information Administrator
Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE)

Chief Executive Director
International NGO

Handling of Personal Information

JICE has been making every effort to handle appropriately all personal information it receives. We hope that you will understand the matters stipulated below and agree to provide the requested personal information.

We are acquiring personal information for the purpose of conducting the following business matters. Your personal information will not be used for any other purposes.

(1) Implementation of the Side Event “African Business Platform” by JICE in TICAD7, implementation and aggregation of questionnaire regarding our side event on TICAD 7

(2) Others: provision of information on JICE’s activities, such as support for the management of international training programs and overseas students programs, international exchange programs, social integration, support for development education, convention and seminar services, etc.

In addition, JICE may provide “Task Rabbit”, the provider of “Survey Monkey”, with the personal information which you will provide responses for the purpose of aggregating the after-mentioned questionnaire of Side Event “African Business Platform” by JICE in TICAD7.

a)       The organizations to be provided with your personal information
The CEO of KAKEHASHI AFRICA (KA), an International NGO corporation
b)       The purpose(s) of the provision
 Implementation and aggregation of questionnaire regarding our side event on TICAD 7 as below
c)       Personal information items to be provided
Your full-name, email, your organization and department, and place of work

The provision of personal information to JICE is left to your discretion. However, in cases where some personal information is not provided, it may not be possible for JICE to make an appropriate judgment regarding the above-mentioned activities.

In regards to the personal information provided to JICE, you have the right to request notification of the purpose of the utilization of the information, disclosure of the information, amendments to the information, additions or deletions of information, complete elimination or cessation of the utilization of the personal information itself, and the suspension of the provision of the information. If you wish to request any of the above, please contact the following department.

Personal information liaison, General Affairs Department, JICE
TEL: 03-6838-2702   E-mail:

Contact for the JICE & KA’s TICAD 7 Sub event and the questionnaire:
International Students Program Department II, JICE
TEL: 03-6838-2719  E-mail:

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