KAKEHASHI AFRICA(KA) is the professional business platform established by the youths from 50 countries in Africa who have earned Master’s degree in ICT, Agriculture, Business, Engineering and more in Japan.

For business owners,  corporations, educational institutions and NGOs, if you are keen to develop business ties with Africa, KA is the ideal organization to work with. KA will assist you to broaden your business opportunities with KA’s networks by providing the most up-to-date information and introducing potential candidates for your future business partners.    

Ÿ   Date & Time: August 27th, 2019 (Tuesday) 15:30-17:00

Ÿ   Venue: Pacifico Yokohama Exhibition Hall B07

Ÿ   Capacity: 200 seats

Ÿ   Entrance:Free

Ÿ   Language: English


Ÿ   Moderator

-Ms. Makiko TAKEMURA (Chair of International Women’s Club)

Ÿ   Panelists:    

-Mr. Abdon Dominique KOKO (Cote d’ Ivoire)

-Mr. Arthur Omondi SATI (Kenya)

-Mr. Nico De WET (South Africa)

-Mr. Mohamed FARID (Egypt)

-Mr. Eric Noutcha Fosso (Cameroon)

Ÿ   Closing

-Prof. Seiichiro Yonekura, Hosei Business School of Innovation Management


Ÿ   Contact: joint-program@jice.org


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