Improve the patient experience and maintain HIPAA compliance

Better protect the health and well-being of your patients and staff. Learn how SurveyMonkey Enterprise can help you collect and manage protected health information (PHI) in a manner that complies with HIPAA.

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Deliver best-in-class patient experiences based on feedback

Securely gather feedback to assess patient and staff experience and sentiment, risks to patient safety or health care quality, and more with our scalable enterprise-grade solution.

Broaden the experience feedback you collect

Collect more responses from your staff, patients, and the public with our SMS, kiosk, and offline response collection, advanced branding tools, and multilingual surveys.

Assess and improve organizational health

Take the pulse of your team’s engagement, availability, and readiness. Attract and retain the best talent by collecting feedback from hiring to offboarding. Support diversity and inclusion initiatives, and more.

Design effective education and training

Create compelling education and training sessions with the right content and speakers for the audience. Quiz staff to validate learning, or the public to assess and promote awareness of important health issues.

Collaborate and respond to feedback more quickly

Gather, analyze, and share survey data, securely and at scale with Workgroups. Intelligently monitor and act on feedback with logic-based Smart Notifications. Compare response data with other organizations using Benchmarks.

Accelerate planning and action powered by evidence

Get up and running quickly with CAHPS® and other healthcare survey templates. Add feedback loops to your plan-do-check-act cycles. Explore insights with Analyze or integrate patient survey data with EHRs using our API.

Secure PHI and simplify administration

Centrally and globally manage survey usage, users, and data in a manner that complies with HIPAA policies and regulations. Improve security and adoption with Single Sign-on, Account Control, and other Enterprise features.

SurveyMonkey Enterprise & HIPAA

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