Online surveys in Australia

How we help customers across Australia create and send surveys.

SurveyMonkey helps our customers in Australia capture real voices and opinions, and make sense of them at scale. We offer powerful survey tools that help you design surveys with confidence to maximise your data’s potential so you can drive business forward.

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Why our Australian customers love our online surveys

SurveyMonkey is a leading provider of online surveys in Australia. Learn why our Australian customers choose SurveyMonkey to help them design and send professional online surveys.

Design surveys that are best in class

We offer 100 expert templates and over 2,500 questions written by experts to help our Australian customers design surveys with confidence. Create custom themes, add your logo, select fonts, and build custom thank-you pages.

Need help creating your surveys? Use SurveyMonkey Genius to score perfect surveys and estimate your survey success, automatically.

Send out surveys easily, get results quickly

Our platform makes it easy to reach respondents. Send your surveys via email, weblinks, QR codes, and more. Check the results rolling in—on the go—from any device. Spot trends as data comes in.

Work smarter with collaboration tools

Easily work with others on your survey projects and give them access to advanced collaboration tools. With team accounts, you can work with 3 or more people to create, edit, and analyze your survey—even if you’re in Sydney and they’re in The Outback.

Plans for everyone

Whether you’re creating a survey on your own, or with others in your organisation, we have plans and pricing to support your needs. What’s more, we accept Australian dollars.

Commitments to data accessibility and privacy

We work hard to take care of our Australian customers. We start by complying with WCAG (2.0), a global guideline for web accessibility, to ensure more people can access your survey.

Also, if you’re doing business in the EU, we offer General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant features.

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