SurveyMonkey +

Accelerate conversion by enriching your Marketo data with customer feedback.

Profile and qualify leads faster

Collect prospect and customer feedback inside your Marketo database. Use this data to develop customer personas, score leads, and prioritize them for sales.

42 logical thinking
See your survey feedback in context with your prospect and customer data
17 project flowchart
Use advanced surveys and logic to collect more and better data
01 business dialog
Score leads using survey feedback and track their lead source
Lead nurture
Group 87

Personalize lead nurture

Ask prospects and customers about their job function, decision-making process, areas of interest, and how they prefer to consume content.

01 business dialog
Trigger Smart Campaigns based on survey responses
X31 3 x5f survey x5f list
Segment prospects and build Smart Lists using survey feedback
Followup email
Drive conversion, adoption, and usage with customized follow-up from sales and support

Increase renewals and referrals

Use follow-up surveys to identify upsell opportunities, engage customers, and encourage loyalty.

05 employee wages
Learn why customers purchased to improve your sales and marketing efforts
05 personal features
Automate Net Promoter Score® and satisfaction surveys to monitor loyalty
Ask your promoters for referrals
Oval funnel

Automate Marketo surveys at crucial customer touchpoints

Identify opportunities to take action, transforming prospects into lifelong customers.

Marketo funnel

How SurveyMonkey's Marketo integration works

19 mobile data synchronization


Choose an existing SurveyMonkey survey and map questions to Marketo activity logs or fields

46 monitoring project data


See real-time feedback automatically update within your Marketo database, and use this data to create Smart Lists and reports

02 startup launch


Automatically score leads and trigger Smart Campaigns based on survey responses

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